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Participate in the National Day of Listening

 Morefrommpb Images StorycorpsStoryCorps–a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving oral history–is declaring November 28, 2008 the first annual National Day of Listening.

This holiday season, StoryCorps asks you to start a new holiday tradition. I love this idea. Ask the people around you about their lives – it could be your grandmother, a teacher, or someone from the neighborhood. By listening to their stories, you will be telling them that they matter and they won’t ever be forgotten. What a memorable gift to share.

Storycorp makes it simple for everyone to participate. Follow these 5 Easy Steps:

– 1. Download the Do-It-Yourself Guide ahead of time, with simple step-by-step instructions.
– 2. Select your interview partner.
– 3. Create a question list. StoryCorps has a list of favorite questions organized by topic or type of person (e.g. grandparents, friends, growing up, marriage)
– 4. Record your conversation. Use your own tape recorder or video camera or plan to borrow one from a friend. Practice using it before the interview
– 5. Save and share your conversation. Once you are done, share it with your friends and family and tell Kidoinfo and StoryCorps about your experience.

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  • For NPR, Doro Bush interview her brother President George W. Bush as part of Story Corp/National Day of Listening. My (very left-wing) Father-in-Law said that GWB comes off as very likable & funny. It sounds like a good interview to track down!