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I am wishing for and working towards a kinder, gentler world. My twin boys are 5 and I’ve been able to shield them (so far) from much of the news about the wars and many injustices that happen in our world today. Right now they still believe in fairy tales. Some people may think it’s wrong to shield our kids from the “real” world, but I just want them to hang onto this “all good” feeling as long as possible. I already see their shield getting chipped away as they learn more from their everyday experiences, interactions with others, and their increased awareness and understanding of their surroundings. I know this is just part of growing up. My husband and I try to teach them the value of every individual and to be kind to others. We try to answer and explain the questions they have when they experience things that contradict their protected life. It is not always easy.

Creatingpeaceflagsintrees-Tm1The Peace Flag Project, founded by two Rhode Island women, Jane Maguire and Ginny Fox, is an inspirational project based on the tradition of Tibetan Prayer Flags. These flags show us the marvelous things we all want for ourselves, our families, our communities, for the people of the world, and for the planet. This project provides the opportunity for people to create flags that express their deepest hopes and dreams. This is something I want to share with my kids.

Create flags of hope and peace with your kids at the Rogers Wiliams Park Zoo. Paint or draw on fabric your words or images of a better world. April 19 & 20 from 11 am – 1 pm.

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