Your guide to parenting in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts



1. Plan your design. We spelled "Happy Halloween," but a banner with jack-o-lanterns, witches and/or ghosts or whatever you can cut from a potato would be fabulous.

2. Cut paper to size. My cards measured 3" x 4."3. Plan what stamps you need to complete the design. Cut potatoes in half. One potato-half per stamp.

4. Squirt paint onto paper plate or paint tray. Mix colors if needed and spread paint into thin layer.

5. Apply paint to potato stamp, using brayer or sponge. If paint is too thick, stamp onto scrap paper first to remove excess paint.

6. Press stamp firmly, flat on paper without sliding. Lift stamp straight up and off paper. Continue stamping until you have what you want.

7. Hole punch top corners.  Thread ribbon through holes. TIP: Add beads in between printed cards to prevent the paper from sliding over one another

8. Hang up enjoy!

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