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Recycled Robots

Recylced-RobotsWe save selected trash into a big box. The box is now filled with old cardboard tubes, vegetable containers, broken toys, old electronics, etc. ready for the day when we need a new project. With a little imagination and some tape, string or a glue gun (with adult supervision), you can turn your trash into something new, like a robot, a car, a rocketship…

My boys (with the help of their dad) made me these cool robots. The little robot was inspired by R2D2. He is made from a tea canister covered with the blue styrofoam from a mushroom container. The large robot is made from old toilet paper tubes, a stamp box, a broken mixer, and an old failed zip drive.

Earth Day is Sunday April 22 – to celebrate you could make your own creations out of reused materials.

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