East Side Nursery School

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Teachers and parents work together to provide a nurturing, fun and engaging environment for their preschool children.

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    Reviews (12)

    Reviews (12)

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    1. calendar Katy says:

      Both of my kids attended ESNS and we loved our four years there. Carole & Susan have both been teaching there for about 20 years and it is a very simple, clean, loving environment.

      This is a co-op, so it’s for parents who want to be involved & sometimes attend school as a helping parent. This is usually 3-5 times through the school year, and is easy & fun.

      This is the school for you if you imagine your child playing with wooden blocks, sitting on a rug hearing stories, studying a rotting pumpkin, picking apples, and taking a RIPTA bus ride around the neighborhood, mambo dancing, a giant box with muffin pans to bang on, and a Harvest Feast featuring the world’s tastiest pickles.

    2. mehera says:

      A wonderful, nurturing school for your littles!

    3. Ginna says:

      This school is great. My son loves it and I feel so good about sending him there every day.
      I also love the co-op aspect. With that the parents get a chance to get to know other kids in the school as well as see what’s going on in the classroom. It’s really fun to be involved.

      I would highly recommend it.

    4. Ginna says:

      I didn’t rank it on my last post sorry, from me it’s definitely 5 stars!!

    5. joe says:

      Some of our family’s best friends are the parents & kids we met while at ESNS–what a community!

    6. Cheryl says:

      It is wonderful to see first hand what your child is doing in preschool and how s/he interacts with the teachers and the other children. Carole and Susan provide such a loving, warm, and supportive environment for the children. Could you ask for anything more in a preschool?

    7. polly says:

      We couldn’t be happier with East Side for our daughter – and look forward to two more years with our youngest here! The teachers are nurturing, talented and resourceful. The families and teachers at this school make it a safe and exciting place for children to start their education.

    8. Jennifer says:

      I look forward to reveiwing the calendar to see what fun and exciting and different activities the kids will be exposed to each day. Will it be a visit from the Music Lady? A trip to the local pumpkin farm? A day where bread will be baked? Or, a day where they’ll paint with pine needles?

      My son excitedly talks about the fun activites he did, who he played with, and what he ate for snack each day.

      I wish the ESNS school went beyond preschool!

    9. Emily says:

      I work at Gordon School and the students and families that come from East Side Nursery are wonderful! Carole and Susan do a great job with their young learners.

    10. Beth Adamo says:

      My son is currently enrolled in the Tuesday-Thursday class at East Side Nursery School (ESNS). This month, they are doing a unit on art and took the kids into the church where they rent space and looked at the art and stained glass windows. They told the kids about Michelangelo and how he painted the entire ceiling of a church (chapel) lying on his back. Next, they took the kids back into the classroom and they got to lie on their backs under a table and draw a picture on a piece of paper taped under the table. How cool is this! I love this idea and love that they let the kids express who they are through play and creative activities like this.

      My daughter is an alumna of ESNS and is now finishing 5th grade. She has a deep love of learning, and I believe that this was cultivated early on while she was at ESNS.

      The teachers excellent, compassionate, and experienced. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this school. I wish every child had an opportunity to be in this enriching environment at this age.

    11. FMulvey says:

      All three of my children attended East Side Nursery School and this is our sixth year. My two older children still talk about how much they loved their experiences with Carole, Susan and Michele. My youngest son loves to go everyday. The educational experience is exceptional in every way. They encourage the children to learn through play, express themselves through art and develop interpersonal skills through stories. East Side Nursery School will always hold a special place in our family.

    12. Eve says:

      East Side Nursery has been wonderful for my three babes – 2 are now in kindergarten and had such a wonderful foundation of play, discovery and friend making that the transition was pretty seamless. My youngest is still at ESNS and she has just blossomed in her time there. I will be very sad when our time there ends and would recommend it to anyone seeking a preschool program.

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