School Years Album: A Keepsake for Gathering Mementos

[ 2 ] February 10, 2010 |

By Nancy King

Do you have a system for organizing all the treasures that come home with your child from school seemingly every day? SCHOOL YEARS: How to organize school photosI’m not talking about the three-dimensional art work (or the 6-foot wooden plank decorated with plaster T-rex bones my daughter was “lucky” enough to walk away with after her class studied dinosaurs). No, I’m talking about the drawings, poems, photos, and other keepsakes that accumulate faster than tuition bills and late notices from the library.

My “system” thus far has been to drop everything into a paper bag from Whole Foods, with “Nursery,” “Kindergarten,” “First Grade” scrawled on the side with a Sharpie. Then these overstuffed bags get sent to the attic where they will live, in gloom and darkness, until we move to another house.

You will understand my excitement, then, when I discovered School Years: A Family Keepsake of School Memories. It’s a handy, wire-ring album that organizes your child’s school treasures for you. Starting in kindergarten and running all the way through twelfth grade, the album has pocket folders for notes, homework, report cards, etc., plus a spot on each page for inserting a photograph of your budding student-scholar and spaces to fill in names of teachers, height and weight (of your kid, not the teachers), favorite subjects, honors & awards, and my personal favorite: “When I grow up, I want to be…” (So far, my daughter has filled in “dancer” and “artist,” which means I will need to be wealthy when I grow up so I can support her.)

The questions evolve with the passing years, so instead of recording age and weight on the first day of school, the focus is “Skills I’d like to learn” and “Colleges/universities to check out.” Not so fast, please, I’d like to keep college out of the picture for me and my little dancer-artist just a bit longer…

Part journal, part filing system, and completely smart, School Years is a godsend. Now if only they’d make one that’s six feet tall for organizing dinosaur bones.

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School Years: A Family Keepsake of School Memories
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Nancy King

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Kidoinfo Editor Nancy King is a recent transplant to Rhode Island, having moved here from San Francisco with her husband and daughter. A native New Yorker, Nancy was eager to be closer to her family and to reconnect with the city that was her home for thirty-plus years. She works as a freelance book editor on projects ranging from health and fitness to pop culture and kids' titles. Particular favorites have included The Pop Up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns and Cowboy Boots: Art and Soul.

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  1. calendar kate says:

    I remember envying a high school friend whose mom had a book like this. It was fascinating to flip through the years, hair gets darker, teeth get bigger & become crooked…then everything’s refined with orthodontia…a low-tech thing that’s better than an iMovie or decorated scrap book.

  2. Plotinus says:

    I greatly enjoyed this article by Nancy King. It made me both want to rush out and buy the school years scrap book as well as anything written by Nancy herself. Her humor and insight are refreshing, and I feel she has really connected with the joys and humor of motherhood. I have a daughter too and have been struggling for a way to organize all of the “treasures” she brings home. Please keep the reviews coming.

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