When it snows, chances are — assuming your kids are old enough to talk — they will want to build a snowman and go sledding. You can build snowmen anywhere, but finding hills for serious sledding requires finding a hill. How big a hill depends on the sledders. If your baby or toddler is barely walking, then he or she will be happy being pulled around in a sled down your driveway or up and down sidewalks, and you may not need this list, yet.

Since I have yet to try all these places myself, I invite Kidoinfo readers to share their favorite spots or rate how easy or how difficult the hills are that I have listed.

SAFETY NOTE:  Before cruising down the hill, brush up on sledding safety tips. Consider wearing a helmet to minimize the risk of head injury, make sure the hill is not too steep and completely clear of obstacles (including trees and fences), take turns going down the hill to avoid collision with other sledders, and once reaching the bottom of the hill, get out of the way of other sledders!

In Providence
– Moses Brown School – 250 Lloyd Avenue, East Side. There is a steep hill on the school’s campus near the corner of Lloyd Avenue and Arlington Street, plus some smaller hills for novice sledders.
– India Point Park – Off Gano, near Wickenden Street, East Side.
– Roger Williams Park (home of Roger Williams Zoo) – 1000 Elmwood Avenue. There are several hills to choose from, including a popular spot near the Temple to Music.
– Neutaconkanut Hill – off Killingly Street near the Johnston town line. HILL CLOSED 1/13 – due to sledding accident.

In Lincoln

– Lincoln Woods has big and small hills – enough to please sledders of varying skill levels.
– Chase Farm – 100 Great Road.

In Cumberland
– The hill behind the monastery at 1464 Diamond Hill Road.

In Newport
– A small hill at Morton Park in the Fifth Ward.
– Aquidneck Park near the Newport Public Library on Spring Street.
– Fort Adams State Park above the soccer fields.
– St. George’s School in Middletown, with views of Second Beach.

In Bristol
– Army Reserve Center – off Asylum Road (the road into Colt State Park on Route 114)

In Warren
– Burr’s Hill Park – Water Street, located south of Warren Town Beach. Short but steep hills.

In Barrington
– On Washington Road, the Rhode Island Country Club golf course has a hill nicknamed “Suicide Hill.”
– The Lacrosse/soccer field across from St. Andrews school on Federal Road has a low-lying field with steep, short hills on all sides. Not long enough to gather major
speed. Good sledding for people who fear hitting trees because there’s nothing to hit. May be too slow for most people. A great place for beginners or fraidy-cats.
– Behind the Nayatt School at 400 Nayatt Road is a very small hill. Perfect for little guys.

In Riverside
– Silver Spring Golf Course on Pawtucket Avenue.

In Cranston
– Hugh B. Bain Middle School on Cranston Street.

In Warwick
– Salter Grove Park off Narragansett Avenue.

In Johnston
– Memorial Park on Hartford Avenue, behind the softball fields.

In West Greenwich
– The great sand hills that locals call the Big River Desert are located at 135 Gansett Road. Off Rte 95, take Exit 6A – Hopkins Hill Road heading south. Take the first right, Division Street, and continue about a half mile to the dunes.

In Central Falls
– Jenks Park on Broad Street.

In Gloucester
* There is a wide slope in the Durfee Hill state management area on Route 94, about a mile south of its junction with Route 44. Parking lot is conveniently located at the top of the slope.

In Woonsocket
– Cass Park on Cass Avenue
– Cold Spring Park on Harris Avenue
– Globe Park on Avenue A.

Find safety sledding tips at Kids Health.