Springtime Projects with Paint Chips

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I love this project. Elyse’s clever way to re-purpose paint chips is resourceful and invites children to use their imagination to see/create things in new ways. School art teachers short on supplies and resources could use this craft in their classroom to talk about color, shapes, and design. – Anisa

Here’s a fun idea that doesn’t require many tools and the main material is not only free but provides a little field trip! These projects are made from paint chips, the free cards displayed at paint departments that show ranges of related colors available from manufacturers. The white lines that divide the colors and the sturdy card stock make them perfect candidates for crafting. And did I mention they are free?

You might choose paint chips based on favorite colors, a theme or holiday, a close-match to your child’s room, or even pin the tail on the donkey style with eyes closed to make random selections. Perhaps, determine how many chips you may each take ahead of time. Five chips each? When you’re ready to get crafty, spread them all out on the table and gather your supplies.


  • Paint chips
  • Scissors, Pattern edge scissors
  • Hole punch
  • School glue, glue stick
  • Construction paper
  • Wax paper or newsprint to cover your work area
  • Embroidery floss (available in a rainbow of colors at less than 40 cents a skein)


Here are some ideas for different skills levels

  • Book marks:
    Rated: Easy
    Cut paint chips into strips
    Punch a hole at the top and thread embroidery floss though in a coordinating color
    Add favorite stickers
  • Easter eggs:
    Rated: Easy with assistance
    Cut ovals from paint chips; the white line between the colors will make it instantly look like an Easter egg with a stripe or two
    Use the small circles from punching holes for polka dots
    Trim around white lines with pattern edge scissors to make fancy bordered strips
    Punch a hole at tops to hang with embroidery floss or string
    Make many eggs to hang indoors

  • Bugs:
    Rated: Moderate. May need assistance with cutting shapes and planning out scene.
    Cut circles and wiggly shapes
    Use scraps to make hats and antennae
    Add googlie eyes
    Fringe construction paper to create an outdoor scene on construction paper

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  1. Amy Hood amy says:

    I also love the little garlands I’ve seen made of paint chips and larger, shaped hole punches–usually hearts. Your Easter eggs are adorable!

  2. Elyse Major elyse says:

    love your beautiful intro, anisa! thank you.

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