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Guest Blogger: Margaret Owen

My son often ends up at school without his glasses, water bottle or having brushed his teeth!  So when I saw casapinka’s beautiful collage listing her daughter’s morning school checklist I was inspired!  I decided to paint one in acrylic as the fabric thoroughly intimidated me.  You could also collage with cut out paper shapes and pictures.

Now when my son and I check our get ready for school painting, it brightens our morning and gets us out the door with everything we need.

You can make a “to do” picture with your kids:

For a painting you will need:

Pencil and paper
A stretched canvas
Acrylic paint and a couple of brushes
Water to rinse brushes  and thin the paint
Glitter, buttons etc, optional.
Make a list and/or sketch out the ideas
Pencil it in on a canvas
Paint it with acrylic
Glue on fun extras like glitter or buttons

For a Collage you will need:

Pencil and paper, paper or canvas to work on, colored paper to cut, magazines, catalogues glitter, buttons, fabric scraps etc., glue.
Make a list and/or sketch out the ideas
Hunt through magazines and catalogues for pictures or cut out fabric shapes
Glue ‘em on!

Casapinka’s fabric collage for her first grade daughter.  What she did:

Began with a peice if 18″x22″ linen
Iron on double sided interfacing to decorative fabric
Cut out shapes
Iron shapes onto stretched fabric
Stretch linen over 16″x20″ stretcher bars

Other collage ideas of parents and kids:

Rules of Our House (speak kindly, say please, thank you and excuse me…), Chore Chart, Favorite Parts of My Day, Fun Things To Do.

For supplies:
Ocean State Job Lot
The remnants bin at Lorriane Mills (Map it)
Jerry’s Art O Rama
Michael’s Arts and Crafts —be sure to print an online coupon before you go!
At you can get a great deal on stretched canvases in bulk

Margaret Owen is a mom, painter, teacher and general color freak living in Providence RI.  You can find her work at and in person at Studio Hop on Hope Street (map),  see her daily painting blog @, shop her store @ and read a feature on her at

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  1. Amy Hood amy says:

    Very cute! My kids just have a printout I made with clip art, and it’s old, too. Maybe for next fall we’ll do something snazzier.

    Fat quarters would also be a great way to get a variety of different fabrics–they’re smaller, precut pieces, often sold in bundles. You can find them at any fabric store.

  2. Elyse Major elyse says:

    i am loving all of this! adorable! (cool idea for your etsy shop, too. seems very land of nod!)

  3. Margaret says:

    Clip art is great too, and the fat quarters is a terrific idea!

    I do like the process as much as the thing, making it and talking about it helped my son and I with the getting ready picture and with various “rules of our home” pictures that we have made. The image itself doesn’t have to be a keeper.

  4. Margaret says:

    FYI: We forgot to brush our teeth this morning;)

  5. amanda says:

    TOTALLY fabulous idea! I like having my kids earn $ for chores (or simply following directions for that matter). For my oldest, 8, a written chart works well. My daughter on the other hand could care less about coins and doesn’t associate coins with value etc. I think for my youngest I will put up a velcro picture of each item/process and have her rip them off (very satisfying) and put them in a box to trade for something later, money or priveledges. Thanks for helping me think “outside the box”!

  6. amanda says:

    Oh, Margaret forgetting to brush the teeth? HaHa! you must be human

  7. Erin says:

    Margaret, once again – you inspire me! Will you by my mom? 🙂

  8. rebecca says:

    What a great article – this is a great idea to make mundane tasks and remembering things when you are in a rush a lot more fun!

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