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Nathan Bishop

Choosing public or private school for your kids is a personal decision, but improving the state of our public schools is important to all of us. Education is a basic right for everyone and kids are the future (cliche but true). Please help make public schools a vital part of our communities.

Meeting for Nathan Bishop School Site
Wednesday, April 11, 6-8pm
Martin Luther King School
35 Camp Street (between Olney and Doyle) Providence.

ESPEC (East Side Public Education Coalition) is a group of East Side residents working feverishly to ensure the opening of a quality public middle school at the Nathan Bishop School site. Great progress has been made, but this is a crucial time to learn about the possibilities for a new school and lend your voice to the effort.

At this meeting, the architects for the new Bishop school will present their findings to the public. They will discuss the costs as well as the aesthetic and academic implications of different design choices for the site (renovation, new construction, or a hybrid). Come learn about the issues, help make a difference.

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