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Michelle (our beloved Nature/Nurture columnist) recently started blogging for Pop!Tech–a place for conversations, people, and ideas shaping the future–in addition to her new blog, Social Media for Social Change, and working her day job at BatchBlue Software. Michelle is fortunate that BatchBlue is a very family friendly company and has a virtual office, allowing her and her husband to work remotely, stagger their work time so they can share the childcare and have a little bit of free time to pursue their outside interests. One of Michelle’s passions is technology and how it can be a positive tool in our everyday lives–both for kids and adults.

In Michelle’s recent Pop!Tech post, “Kids Get with the Program,” she talks about websites–like Hacketyhack and Scratch–great sites geared towards older kids. These sites encourage kids to take a hands-on approach with their computer and challenge their mind with things like basic programming rather than just sitting back and letting the computer merely entertain them. As technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, it is important to find ways to keep our kids active and engaged in learning. Thanks for the info, Michelle.

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Michelle Riggen Ransom

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A fan of all things oceanic, Michelle keeps moving from one coast to another. She's lived in many cities (always by water) and now with her husband in Seattle is raising two fourth-generation beach babies. Michelle currently works as a communications consultant for tech companies, and on building apps like Craftmonkey and InstaChimp. Apparently a love of nature and a passion for cool technologies are not mutually exclusive, as she is equally smitten with both.

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  1. calendar the pretty one says:

    i love michelle’s writing. i am not at all interested in technology, but i still read her tech blog.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks Anisa! You should have your boys check out those programming sites. I am convinced that those two guys will be running the world within the next year.

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