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The New Family Car

By Katy Killilea

automobloxblue1briggs-automoblox-12Here’s the car of my dreams: it’s got the smooth beauty of a wooden block, the versatility of Lego, and some vroom-vroom. Automoblox are the best toy cars ever. Each sleek, cheerful car breaks apart into mixable components. A single Automoblox car is fun, and when others are added to your fleet, the mixing can begin. You can, for example, take the treads from your purple car’s wheels and put them on your yellow car.  You can switch the tops and the passengers around. Each part ka-chunks satisfyingly into place. The well-designed pieces are a pleasure to use.

Not only are they well-designed and fun to handle, they’re also highly collectible, and each comes with its own VIN number, if you’re into that kind of thing. There are dozens of choices, and each is a facsimile of a real car; you’ll recognize the SUV, the minivan, the chick magnet. So although they’re rated safe for kids 3+, they appeal to an older crowd as well.

The details:
Small cars by Automoblox are available for $10 (less than you’d spend on a Webkinz or pack of Bakugan balls!) Large cars by Automoblox are $38-$45

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