The TSETSE Gallery ‘Call for Poets’

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Entries must be received by May 15, 2011

The TSETSE Gallery is implementing an awesome Bullying Prevention Campaign by hosting a poetry contest open to students around Rhode Island starting at grade 3 all the way up to age 23. The poetry theme is insertion stories and problem solving poems related to bully prevention. The winning poems will then be turned into music that will be performed at a HUGE music festival this summer.

Poetry Topic: Inspirational Poems relating to the Elimination of Bullying & Negative Confrontation.
There  are  four  academic  categories:   Elementary  Grades  3-5,  Middle  School  Grades  6-­‐8,  High  School  and  Post  High  School up  to  23  years  old.
Each  category  qualifies  for  one  award  from  each  prize  indicated  above.
Poem  must  be  no  more  than  five  hundred  words  in  length  and  are  only  accepted  via  email  to   Only  one  entry  per  person.  Please  include  a  cover  letter  with  name,  mailing  address,  telephone,  e-­‐mail  and  academic  level.
Entries  must  be  received  no  later  than  May  15,  2011.  Winners  will  be  notified  via  e-­‐mail  and/  or  by  telephone  by  May  31,   2011.
Refer  questions  to:    Thérèse  M.  Lavallee  at  401.453.3337  or  email  at

Things  to  consider  while  writing  poem:
How  your  poem  will  transpire  into  music
How  to  inspire  and  add  confidence  to  a  victim  of  bullying
How  to  advocate  for  anti-bullying
Be  inspirational
Problem  solving

Winning  Poets  will  be  publicly  recognized  at  The  TSETSE  Gallery  during  a  special  reception  Saturday,  August  20,  2011.  The   winning  poems/  songs  will  be  performed  at  the  opening  event.  All  winning  poems  and  songs  will  be  transposed  onto  a  CD/   DVD    and/or    iTunes  download,  crediting  poets  and  performers.    100%  of  profits  from  this  project  will  be  placed  into  a  fund   for  bullying  prevention.  Releases  will  be  required.

Contact: Ashley Fino
phone: (401)453-3337

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