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The Yogi Experience

Yogacamp-FriendshipThe strength and discipline gained from practicing yoga can help create balance in life. At this stage in my life, between starting a new business and managing my family, I am always looking for ways to achieve balance and harmony. I am pretty new to yoga but so far I love how centered I feel when I am doing a sun salutation or a warrior pose.

Teaching kids at a young age about yoga and its supporting philosophy can provide a good foundation for their own balanced development. Kids can experience the Yoga & Yogi Culture at Summer Camp offered by Breathing Time Yoga. The activities include daily yoga, exercise breathing meditation, and an exploration of the senses through yoga-inspired art, cooking, aromatherapy and ayurveda projects. The camp is led by Darlene D’Arezzo, the founder and director of Santa Monica-based Kids’ Yoga Circle. D’Arezzo was voted best kids’ yoga teacher by LA Weekly.

Yoga & Yogi Culture Summer Camp (Ages 7 – 11)
Location: Breathing Time Yoga – 541 Pawtucket Ave, 2nd floor, Pawtucket, RI
Details: August 27-31, 2007, 9 am – 2 pm
5 Days: $175 before 8/10, $225 after 8/10.
3 Days (MWF): $120 before 8/10; $150 after 8/10.
Sibling discounts and partial scholarships are available.
To register: Please email or call Karen Lee, director of Breathing Time Yoga
email: breathingtime@mac.com
phone: 401-421-9876

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