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This is a big Treehouse!

My boys seem to know more about the local art scene than I do sometimes! They came back from dance class to tell me about this amazing stick house that was sooo BIG! They wanted my husband and me to see it right away but were not sure how to direct us there. A couple of days later, we happened to be driving down George Street and we saw this amazing sculpture installation by Patrick Dougherty on the Brown University campus.

Patrick creates site specific sculpture all over the world. For this piece he harvested the sticks in East Providence and worked with local people to build and weave the sticks together. It was built in October and will be at Brown Quad until Spring. My boys and I are looking forward to seeing it with the first snowfall. This is a great place to bring your kids to explore inside and out. Free.

Pictured below are some of his other installations in other parts of the country. More sculptures in his website, Stickwork.net
 Dougherty Images Headstrong-Images Front
 Dougherty Images Gallery-Images-Large Easydoesitl

My affinity for trees as a material seems to come from a childhood spent wandering the forest around Southern Pines, North Carolina — a place with thick underbrush and many intersecting lines evident in the bare winter branches of trees. When I turned to sculpture as an adult, I was drawn to sticks as a plentiful and renewable resource. I realized that saplings have an inherent method of joining — that is, sticks entangle easily. This snagging property is the key to working material into a variety of large forms. – Patrick Dougherty

Location: Providence | College Hill

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