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What I’ve Learned from Our First Year of Homeschooling

April 27, 2015

By Camille Williams

We are in the 7th inning of our first year homeschooling Boy 1 (age 8). We are taking this year-by-year, and who knows? A brick and mortar school may again be the best choice for our family at some future time. For now, though, this has been a great decision for us, and Boy 2 will be home next year for kindergarten as well.


Since we started this adventure, I get a lot of questions about the challenges of this educational choice and lifestyle. While we have had our challenges, many of the things people understandably assume must be really hard have not been big issues for us.   The most common questions I get are some version of the following:

The bottom line for me about stress and homeschooling?  I’m a lot less stressed in general since we started homeschooling. That’s not because Boy 1 was having a bad experience at school. He had a pretty typical, mostly good experience by most standards. It also has little to do with the details and logistics of the two lifestyles. It’s really about the energy that is freed up and the happiness that is created the more we travel our path of living our very own handmade life.

Camille Williams_IMG_4759_webIt was scary to make this huge decision to do something so far out of the mainstream. There were a lot of logical and rational reasons for our choice. Those factors aside, I knew intuitively it was the right thing for our child and our family, at least for now, and I simply felt called to do it. I thought homeschooling might feel like swimming upstream against the current of societal norms. What I found is that continuing to resist doing this was swimming against OUR current, and that’s the much bigger stressor.   Taking the plunge = living in alignment with our truth.

Camille Williams is a mom of two boys, wife, and midwife who loves living, working and playing in Providence. She blogs about home, family and parenting, midwifery and women’s health, homeschooling, and life in a bicultural family at  Whatever the topic, her focus is making the most of the opportunities life hands us to learn how to live and love better, and connecting with others trying to do the same. is published by Gale Force Communications

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