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Tips for Family Weekend Fun

Every week on GoLocalProv I share tips on how families can make the most of their weekend – including helpful hints that make parenting easier and connecting you to great local happenings.

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This week’s list:

Kido Tip 1. Frame your summer memories.

Time to choose the best out of the zillions of pictures you took this summer and print it on archival photo paper. Help your kids make a frame out of shells or rocks collected from the beach. Attach shells to an old picture frame using a glue gun or Aileen’s tacky glue, let dry and insert photo. Perfect way to preserve summer fun!

Kido Tip 2. Celebrate DIY fun followed by WaterFire.

Maker Faire features hands-on making, building & hacking, culinary crafting, garage technology, arts and creativity for sale culminating with a WaterFire in the Creative Capital! You and your kids will dig seeing how people make their own things (robots, musical instruments, air conditioners, etc.) and a have chance to tinker yourselves. Maker Faire is an all ages, free event from 3-11pm on Saturday, Aug 28th at Bank of America Skating Center.

Kido Tip 3. Celebrate the end of summer!

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Written by Anisa Raoof