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Top 5 Things To Do During April School Vacation

Rock-Sculptures1. Head to a beach. This time of year, the beaches are quiet and perfect for beach-combing. Dress for the weather and bring a bucket to hold your treasures. We love making castles and sculptures and leaving them on the beach for others to discover but you may prefer to bring your collection home.

2. Celebrate Earth Day. Make a list with your kids about what you love about the earth and then do something related to one or all the items on your list. E.g. If I love trees” is on your list then plan to plant a tree, climb a tree, identify trees in the park or sit under the shade of a one and read.

3.  Go offline all day. Can you do it? Can your kids do it? I’m online a great deal but I do unplug at times allowing us to connect as a family or pursue offline hobbies and interests. Read, craft, cook, build with Lego’s, go biking, fly a kite – there is LOADS to do!

4. Take a hike. The Audubon Society of Rhode Island is offering free guided hikes this week, April 17 — 25, 2010.

5. Check the Kidoinfo calendar. As usual the calendar is jam-packed with things to do–some special events planned just for vacation week.

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