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Toys R Us should rethink priorities. Big companies can also care about the environment.

I’m not anti-toys or anti-shopping but I am against glorifying the need to buy stuff  from a big box store by squashing or diminishing the importance of something valuable–in this instance, environmental education or any educational school field trip of which there are so few these days.  A recent ad put out by Toys R Us emphasizes consumerism over the importance of environmental education.  It makes a mockery of all the work that some of our favorite organizations, Save the Bay, Audubon Society of Rhode Island and others, have done to elevate the importance of environmental education on a local, regional and national level for over 30 years. I think many would agree, that a field trip with a place like Save The Bay, an experience on the water, along the shoreline, at the Exploration Center or Bay Center is anything but boring and more like life changing.

Take action:
Save the Bay and others has been working on a strategy to get Toys R Us to remove this ad so the message that it sends of EE being boring isn’t communicated to a larger audience over the holiday season.  A petition has been created locally to request that Toys R Us  remove their anti-environmental education ad. Please consider signing it here.  Please share this link. Power in numbers!

Here is a link to see how The North American Association of Environmental Education responded.

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