True Love: A Night in Shining Burp Armor

By Maura Keating

Burp ArmorBurp cloths seem like a simple idea, and they are… except that most of them won’t work. Most women receive beautiful, cute, and even utilitarian cloths at their baby shower, and most will fail when confronted with serious spit up. We all know what that looks like. And, probably what that feels like too. Yuck.

Enter Burp Armor. Designed by local Providence dad Mike Barclay, Burp Armor is designed to shield you from the worst while keeping both you and Baby comfortable before, during, and after the mess. Barclay’s goal was simple–to design a burp cloth that stays on your shoulder where it is most needed and be absorbent enough to catch and contain anything that Baby might throw (up) at you. The choice of cloth is key to the success of Burp Armor, which is constructed from three layers of fabric: two layers of absorbent fleece and a bottom layer of corduroy for stay-put power. Burp Armor’s unique shape hugs your whole shoulder and extends across your front and back, protecting you and your clothes from any drips. What is good for you is good for Baby and for the environment too. Burp Armor is made in the USA from 45 percent organic cotton and 55 percent sustainable hemp. The cloths even come prewashed with organic soap.

And Burp Armor looks good. The plush fabric comes edged with bright, striped ribbon or stitched in a zigzag pattern with bright thread. Burp Armor is as tough as its name. The cloths survived washes in cold, warm, and hot water, and tumble dry too. The cloths get more absorbent with every wash and the fabric is soft against Baby’s sensitive skin. Need one last reason to do some good for yourself and Baby? Your purchase will do good for other babies because Burp Armor donates 5 percent of all proceeds to Children’s Hospital Boston, one of the nation’s top hospitals specializing in pediatric care.

The Details:
Burp Armor , $25 — 27. Available online at or click the “Stores” link to find Burp Armor at a store near you.

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  1. I need one of these badly. I am unable to find anyone that carries them anymore. If someone has one for sale or can point me in the right direction, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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