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You may have noticed a change to the Kidoinfo events calendar. With the help of my techie husband, Doug, we have set up Google Calendar to track events instead of 30 Boxes. Although I liked the way 30 Boxes looked, it did not always display all events or allow you to save an event to your own calendar. I am in the process of testing more sophisticated calendars that will allow readers to input their own events and share them friends with a click of a button. In the meantime, Google Calendar allows you to see a list of events by day, and with one click you can expand the event to see a description and the location. You can also add any of these events to your own calendar using the iCal format.

My Google CalendarOn a personal calendar note: I am on a quest to organize my life – stay on top of e-mails, PTO and work meetings, article deadlines, and a night out with my husband or gal pals. I have been searching for a calendar that works, a reliable place to jot down my ideas, and a place to track my contacts. Anna recently wrote about this topic on her blog, “To do today: tell me how you stay organized,” and many readers have commented on what they do. I am curious about what works for you. Are you a Post-it person or paperless? Just as in parenting, other people’s tips and tricks can be enormously helpful.

I am a notebook person (maybe too many), and I use a combo of online and offline systems which I will write more about later. I’ve also started using Google Calendar for myself, which allows me to set up separate calendars for work, school, and home. I can see them all at once or turn off the ones I do not want with a simple click. I can also share the calendars with my husband so he knows when we have a school event, the kids have a doctor’s appointment, or when we’ve scheduled a babysitter.

I invite you to share your thoughts about the new Kidoinfo Events Calendar and how you stay organized.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh my goodness! I thought I was visiting a parenting blog but now it seems like I’ve found a new tech blog. Anisa, will your wonders ever cease to amaze? I’ll check out the new kidoinfo calendar, I’m sure it will be great (as the last one was!) Folks if you haven’t signed up for it, you really should!

  2. Calgoo says:

    If you are looking for a way to keep your online and offline calendaring worlds in sync you might want to give one of our products a spin.

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    Hope that helps!

    – Calgoo

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