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White Bucket - Ribbit HairbandsI have a house full of boys and unless they are putting on a costume they are not into accessories. However, I know some of their gal pals would love these colorful hairbands. Ribbit hairbands were created by Pam Freeman, a Barrington mom, out of her own need for stylish, functional accessories for her and her daughter. They come in an adorable assortment of fabrics and patterns - piques, corduroys, plaids, and fun, contemporary prints that comfortably stretch to fit most girls, age four to ten years old.

Pam sells a line of accessories for women under the business name, ainlsey and chase (named after her kids) and she has recently added a cool line of belts. I have the Eiffel belt with round pearl buckle on my wish list.

Enter to win an assortment of ten ribbit hairbands for your daughter’s ever-changing moods or use them as party favors at her next birthday party! CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.

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