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Wishing for Snow

snowman summit06IMG_0130-sm
Did you know if you wear your pjs inside-out, it will snow?

My boys heard this from their friend at school, who heard it from her sister who heard it from her teacher. Wow! We still do not know if this will work or not – we have no snow here yet. But, my kids REALLY want to build a snowman and go sledding this winter. They are willing to try anything. We now have many nights of inside-out pjs, which also makes bedtime more fun. The boys even called their grandparents, requesting that they wear pjs or nightgowns inside-out. The boys’ theory is – the more who participate in this project, the more likely it will happen. Interesting.

Still no snow so far, but we are still wishing.

need great pjs?
We got cool flannel cowboy and sock monkey pjs at Target this year and fleece pjs at Lands’ End. Also check out Garnet Hill or Sara’s Prints for more great sleepwear.

See great snowmen built in Russia.

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