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Looking forward to The Sandbox Summit!

http://www.sandboxsummit.org/images/logo_right.gifI am taking a couple of days off to attend The Sandbox Summit in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kids still play dress-up and build with Legos but many also play interactive games and use computers. The non-profit Sandbox Summit looks at how play is changing media and media is changing play, exploring how children today move seamlessly through multiple dimensions in their pursuit of fun. Innovators in children’s media, books, toys, virtual worlds, and education will share what they think are the new playrooms for 21st century literacy.

I expect I will have lots to share when I return and look forward to continuing the conversation at the upcoming Raising Kids in a Digital World event. See you soon!

While I am away enjoy posts from contributing writer Katy Killilea.

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Written by Anisa Raoof