We set up this year’s Gingerbread Village–now an annual tradition–on the buffet in the dining room. Not sure why we never placed it here before–seems well-suited nestled in this cave-like space where one must bend down to peak at the scene from standing position but is easily seen at eye level when one is seated at the table.

Gingerbread-Village-GV-2012The village has a home on the left, a short stroll to the urban village. The town center is the large center building with a tiny building on the right, serving as the beloved library. The movie theater, located on the far right, adorned with bright lights, is currently showing a 3-D film.




  • gingerbread house kits (Best bought after Christmas, when they are deeply discounted.)
  • glue gun with extra glue sticks (Since we do not plan to eat our village, we prefer the glue gun for quicker assembly and less icing frustration.)


  • extra candy (We save unused candy from past gingerbread kits and rummage through the Halloween loot to add to our decorating options.)
  • cotton batting
  • foam board, cut into village backdrop (adult supervision advised)
  • white lights (plugin and/or battery operated)
  • extra figures/trees (store-bought or handmade from clay or candy)

Having fun with the icing.

gingerbread-3d-theaterEngineering the 3-D movie theater action was a bit challenging. Propped up gum drops with toothpick and balanced candy cane person on graham cracker chair.

Gingerbread-MovieTheater-GVFinished movie theater decorated with lights.

Gingerbread-Library-GVTown library.

Gingerbread-TownCenter-GVSkating rink outside town center.