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2012 RI Great Outdoors Pursuit

This year’s Rhode Island Great Outdoors Pursuit begins May 20 at Lincoln Woods State Park and registration is now open! The Great Outdoors Pursuit is a wonderful program — a game, really — designed to help you and your family enjoy everything our state parks have to offer. And this year, there are new activities, new sponsors, new venues and even better prizes!

To play, you need a minimum two-member team (one adult 18 years or older and one child under 18). You’ll decode clues, discover Rhode Island’s beautiful state parks and participate in fun activities and challenges — all for a chance to win great prizes.

Once you register, your team is invited to participate in up to seven “Pursuits” over a 12-week period. At each pursuit, there is a variety of free and low-cost recreational resources and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing and children’s games, as well as music, food, environmental and health-related exhibits, raffles, and give-a-ways.

Please visit http://www.riparks.com/RIOutdoorsPursuit/ for more information and to register. See you out there!

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