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25 Things to Do with Kids during School Vacation

letterboxing1. Look for signs of spring. Head outdoors with your kids to explore nature. Bring a notebook to record your findings with words or drawings. (Free)

2. April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Listen to Jazz music from your music collection, borrow CDs from the library or sample songs from iTunes. (Free)

3. Go letterboxing or geocaching (pictured left).  This modern version of a treasure hunt is bound to be fun.  Dress as pirates or explorers while you do it! (Free)

4. Hop on a bus and take a ride. Use the bus as means of transportation to your final destination or pick a route merely for the adventure. (Cheap)

5. Pay it forward. Do something unexpected and nice. Make cookies or muffins for your neighbor or local librarian. (Cheap)

6. Clean up your local park or playground. Bring a bag and gloves and make a game out of picking up trash. Count how many pieces you collect. (Free)

7. Stroll The Cliff Walk. This 3.5-mile pathway by the sea has spectacular views of both Newport’s mansions and the magnificent ocean. Some of the trail is rough. Choose your route ahead of time based on skill level and distance. (Free)

8. Draw like your favorite author or artist. Pick up some books at the library and try and copy their style. (Free/Cheap)

9. Visit the RISD Nature Lab.  There are different collections to explore, and microscopes available for exploring small specimen. (Free)

10. Make your own curiousity cabinet. Gather up similar items, from your home or outdoors and group and catalog in shoe boxes. (Free)

11. Family Movie Night fun. Have kids make movie tickets, turn your kitchen into a concession stand with popcorn or drinks. Make pajama attire mandatory. (Free/Cheap)

12. Build a fairy house.  To insure a fairy moves in, use only natural materials, but nothing living!  Put rocks and sticks together in interesting ways to create walls, rooms, pathways, watch towers…anything. (Free)

13. Visit the Navy Submarine Force Museum, a hands on museum Groton, CT.  (Free)

14. Turn your bookshelf into a mini library.  After you have organized your collection, curl up and read one of your favorite stories. Donate unwanted books to a local charity or school. (Free)

15. Play Backyard Bingo. Read how on Kidoinfo. Easily adapted to a park or inside. Supplies needed: paper and pencils. (Free)

16. Visit your local library and pick books based on certain characteristics: color, author or theme. Read through them and create some of your own books following the characteristics you chose.  (Free)

17. Play with dominos. See how long of a chain you can set up through your house.  Can you turn corners? Can you use books? (Free)

18. Make your own comic strip. Draw a series of boxes on a sheet of paper. Photocopy your template for reuse before you start drawing your story. (Free/Cheap)

19. Dissect fruit. Pick up some exotic fruits from the grocery store and cut them apart as if you were a scientist. Describe what they look like, what they taste like. Then eat them. (Free/Cheap)

20. Walk The Freedom Trail.  The two-and-a-half-mile walking tour connecting 16 significant Boston landmarks is a journey into history. Follow the painted or bricked red line, and you’ll be immersed in the rich Revolutionary-era history that is preserved within Boston. (Free with the exception of the Paul Revere House, the Old South Meeting House and the Old State House)

21. Find a new way to paint. Try feathers, combs, straws, or string. (Free/Cheap)

22. Tour the Rhode Island State House. (Free)

23. Play library pass roulette. Check out passes from your local library for venues like museums, zoo aquariums, etc. (Free/Cheap)

24. Have lunch at IKEA. (Cheap if you only have lunch)

25. Watch the sunset over Providence at Prospect Park (Map it). (Free)

Save this list of activities to use during National TV Turnoff Week, April 20-26.

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  • thank you for all of these wonderful ideas and resources. i generally aim for some kind of plan each day of vacation, even if it is something as simple as renting a movie and making popcorn. let’s all cross our fingers for nice weather!!!