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8 Ways to Get Ready to Vote in ’08


Election Day is Tuesday , November 4. RIte Care Works (who assist children in need by providing them with the best possible health care), put together this great list to help you and your children get ready to vote. Take this opportunity to make your voice heard on the issues that are most important to our families such as health care and education.

1. Find out where and when you vote!

Please go to the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center to find out:
– If you are registered
– Where you vote
– What time your polling location is open

If you have any other questions, you can find answers online or call the voting hotline at (401) 222-2340.

2. Tell everyone else to vote on November 4th!
Here’s your assignment: contact family members, friends, and co-workers and remind them to go vote on November 4.

If they don’t know where to go, direct them to the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center to find out.

3. Read up on the how the Presidential Candidates feel about the issues (e.g. Read HERE what the Presidential candidates are planning to do on the issue of health care.)

4. Put Voting in your Schedule for Tuesday, November 4th!
The easiest time to vote is when you are on your way to do something you would normally do on a Tuesday — like going to or from work, taking a trip to the grocery store, or dropping off the kids at soccer practice. Schedule in an extra ½ hour on one of these trips to stop by your polling station and vote.

5. Talk to your children about voting!
Talk to your children about why it is important to vote, and ask them if they’d like to come with you on Election Day and see what it’s like. If it just isn’t practical to bring your children take some time today to make arrangements for them so that you can get out and vote.
Read more about voting with kids HERE and HERE on Kidoinfo.

6. If you need a ride to the polls, pick up the phone!
You can call the headquarters of any political party to ask for a ride to the polls. Most local candidates will also give you a ride to the polls. You do not need to vote for the candidate or party that gives you a ride.

7. Any questions about voting on November 4th?
Please visit the “Find Out More” section of the Voter Information Center, or call the voting hotline at (401) 222-2340.

8. Tuesday: Vote!
This is it! Today you can make you voice heard on health care — and every other issue you care about, education, the environment, taxes, etc. So cast your vote!

Special announcement: If you are not registered to vote, you can still vote for President on November 4th. For more information, please click HERE.

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    Blue State Coffee, a socially responsible coffee company offering freshly roasted organic and fair trade coffee is giving away free coffee and tea this election day, November 4th, to anyone who has voted. Wear your “I Voted!” sticker when you stop by 300 Thayer Street for free drinks the rest of the day. Blue State Coffee will also be showing the latest election news and results throughout the day on our projection screen.

    Blue State Coffee strongly believes that voting is one of the most important actions that members of a democratic society can engage in. We encourage everyone to vote this November 4th regardless of political affiliation, and hope to see many of you for a free cup on Tuesday.

    Blue State Coffee is located at 300 Thayer Street, Providence, RI 02906 and on the web at http://www.bluestatecoffee.com. Blue State Coffee is proud to have donated over $65,000 to important progressive causes such as Farm Fresh RI, Save the Bay, New Urban Arts, Providence Summerbridge, College Visions, and many more. Look for our newest stores to be opening in January in New Haven, CT and at the Brown University Bookstore in Providence.

  • I love that you have included our future voters in your elections coverage. Grace for President should be a “must read” (see October 21 posting).

  • Free coffee if you vote. It’s simple.

    Here’s how it works…Vote, then if you like coffee, go to Starbucks, tell them you voted, and you’ll get a FREE tall cup of brewed coffee.

    Watch the commercial on their homepage: http://www.starbucks.com/

    Really, it’s free.

  • <p>This is really helpful information – thanks for posting! It is so important that our voices are heard.</p>
    <p>I also found out that even if you haven’t registered to vote, you can still go to your local City Hall and vote for President. However, if you live in Providence, you must go to the Dunkin Donuts Center.</p>

    Here’s Official RI Info for people who missed registering: http://www.sec.state.ri.us/elections/news-items/last-minute-options-for-voting