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Name: Antoine Revoy of Providence
Book: Animus (First Second Books, May 8, 2018, 244 pages)
Age Group: Young Adults

Book Synopsis: The residents of a quiet Japanese neighborhood have slowly come to realize that inauspicious, paranormal forces are at play in the most unlikely of places: the local playground. Two friends, a young boy and girl, resolve to exorcise the evil that inhabit it, including a snaggle-toothed monster. In Animus, a beautiful but spooky young adult graphic novel of everyday hauntings, Antoine Revoy delivers an eerie tale inspired by the Japanese and French comics of his childhood.

Meet Antoine Revoy

By Jeanette Bradley

Antoine Revoy is an award-winning French author, illustrator, and cartoonist, raised in Japan, Mexico, and Spain. Antoine is a teacher at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he also went to school. He lives and works in Providence, with his wife, author-illustrator Kelly Murphy, and their many animals.

Q: What sparked your interest in graphic novels?

A: I have always read and drawn comics, whether European bandes dessinées in French or manga in Japanese. ‘Graphic novel’ is an industry term for a specific format—a lengthy, usually self-contained story, occasionally for adult readers—but I love every kind of comics, whether cartoons, comics strips or weekly series.

Q: What was the inspiration for ANIMUS?

A: ANIMUS was inspired by Japanese folktales and a secret about the relationship between the 2 children and ghost in the book. It is hard for me to reveal what sparked the project without spoiling one of its hidden themes, but hopefully readers will find out for themselves.

Q: Is there a local connection for ANIMUS?

A: Though ANIMUS is set in Kyoto, Japan, it was written in Providence and I imagined the storyline, twists and plots while taking walks. I find that walking is the best activity to come up with ideas, much better than sitting down indoors, and my favorite routes are Blackstone Boulevard and the Swan Point Cemetery. These are some of the most beautiful and peaceful areas of Providence, at any time of the year!

Q: Where can readers find you online?

A: Readers can look at my illustrations and find out more about my work on www.revoy.net. I have also created a website to share artwork, fun facts and secrets about the creation of ANIMUSwww.theanim.us. As to social media, people can connect with me on Twitter at @AntoineRevoy for more art (and occasional animal photos).

Q: Where can we meet you locally?

A: I should be signing copies of ANIMUS at the Rhode Island Comic Con in the fall, and other local bookstores around Halloween. More announcements to come!

Photo by Jeanette Bradley, book cover and page provided.

Jeanette Bradley is a local Rhode Island author and illustrator. Her debut picture book LOVE, MAMA was published by Macmillian/Roaring Brook Press. ?Jeanette is represented by Emily Mitchell of Wernick & Pratt.

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