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A beach, a park and a carousel

Looffby Katy Killilea

Across the street from the carousel on Bullock’s Point in Riverside, RI, there is a tiny scrap of a beach. You barely notice it until you are standing on it. This beach is not especially gorgeous by traditional standards, but it’s worth a visit! Why?

P10100291. It’s a across the street from the Looff Crescent Park Carousel (Now open Thursday through Sunday, from noon until 8 pm until Labor Day. Each ride costs 75 cents.) If you have not been on this carousel, you must go! Carousels make me nauseated but even I cannot resist the chance to grab the brass ring and try to chuck it into the giant clown’s mouth.

2. You’ll see all kinds of water fowl bobbing on the waves, very close to shore. If your children like to watch swans and geese, they will have a ball at this beach.

3. A huge, lush, hilly lawn runs down to the beach. This is an ideal place for picnicking, playing tag or hide and seek, or just rolling down hills. Especially if your yard is small or your grass is scratchy, your children will love messing around on this big patch of green.
4. Trash collecting. If you have a bag handy, there is ample opportunity to pick up trash with your children and deposit it in the trash barrel as you leave. I am not joking. Children think its fun and theyll learn a valuable lesson about caring for the environment.

5. It’s just off the East Bay bike path.

6. Providence residents will pass by the Dari B on their journey home (by bike or car). Dari B has everything you could want in an ice cream shack, including awesome soft serve in six flavors daily ($1.35 for a small cone).

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