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A Day for Daddy

This Sunday is Father’s Day!  Quick!  Panic!  Dads can be some of the trickiest people to think of when it comes to unique, useful gifts. Without resorting to the usual tie or pack of socks, check out the ideas we’ve compiled for a few last minute, cheap and easy ideas.


Local Activities

  • Poppas love breakfast!  Treat Daddy to brunch at the Modern Diner in Pawtucket, the family friendly patios at Cav, Providence and Avenue N in Rumford or the always delicious Julian’s on Broadway.Father's Day French Toast from a little delightful_thumb
  • A picnic packed with favorite munchies and a trip to a favorite playground or beach is bound to be a winner.
  • Fly a kite at Colt State Park.
  • Scale the cliffs and go rock climbing.  Indoors at Rock Spot, Lincoln or Peace Dale, Pawtucket YMCA or outdoors at Lincoln State Park.
  • Take him down to the ball game.  The very affordable and family friendly Pawsox are playing this Sunday at 1pm.
  • Treat Dad to a visit to the newly opened skate park, Impact Action Sports Park. Old guys over 30 can go on Wednesday nights from 6-9pm to ride or skate.
  • For the art or landscape enthusiast, treat Pops to a dry-stone walling course or a glass blowing class at RISD.
  • Check out a polo game at Newport Polo.  This weekend’s match is on Saturday 14th June at 5pm.  Great fun for the whole family.

Homemade Gifts

  • Wash Daddy’s car or bike.mld103351_0608_cube_xl
  • Decorate a notepad for his office.
  • Make his favorite breakfast at home. Who doesn’t love french toast?
  • Decorate a photo frame with pennies, shells, washers, candy, golf tees, fishing bobs or rope. Be creative about Dad’s hobbies or interests.  Pop in a picture of the kids and boom!
  • Make up a goodie basket of his favorite things. Items could include coffee, chocolate, beer, cinema tickets, baseball cap, iTunes gift card, maple syrup and pancake mix…
  • Tell Dad you love him. Write messages around the house. Chalk on the driveway, lipstick on the bathroom mirror, shaving foam in the bath tub, magnets on the fridge.
  • Make a ‘We love you because…’ book.  Easy to make with a few hand drawn pictures and smaller children can dictate their answers to be included.
  • For younger children, painting hand or foot prints are a great idea. They can then be stamped or photographed to make a unique picture for Papa.
  • Vouchers for Dad.  Such as no dishes for a week, lawn mowing, remote control manager, no diaper changing for a weekend.540e76851c76bd4e7323dcb0ebf8abde

Sources: Powerful Mothering, Martha Stewart, Alittledelightful.com, pinterest.

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