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A Real Goer: Get to Know the Mutsy Urban Rider


By Maura Keating

Were you first in line at the Transformers movie? My husband thinks that the Urban Rider looks like it belongs on the moon. With its wide wheelbase and large pneumatic tires that could take on lunar craters and its space age styling that features a smooth aluminum frame and shiny, almost iridescent fabric, I can see what he means. The Mutsy Urban Rider is an adaptable stroller that grows with you and Baby with an incomparable line of accessories and components.

The Mutsy Urban Rider comes standard with a toddler seat, travel cot (bassinet), air pump, a covered bumper bar, and coordinating sun shades for both seat and bassinet. To remove the seat or bassinet, click two buttons and pull the component out. To add a component, push it in until you hear two clicks. It couldn’t be easier. Additional optional accessories include a car seat adapter, step-up board for older children to ride along, footmuffs, matching bag, and a rain cover. My favorite accessories are the toddler fun seat with a great looking steering wheel and the dinner tray. You can also purchase a Babysitter rocker frame to use with the Mutsy toddler seat.

There are four different ways to roll with the Urban Rider. The stroller comes standard with two types of front wheels: A pair of plastic swivel wheels is ideal for daily obstacle courses–dodging kids at the park or shoppers at the mail. The smaller wheels can be swapped out for a pair of large pneumatic tires to bring the Mutsy off-roading through the city or the beach. The tires fly over sand, grass, curbs and potholes. The large pneumatic, rear wheels can be fixed forward, or lift a lever with your foot at the bottom of the stroller to engage the Mutsy’s unique swivel frame. When driving with the swivel frame, the Urban Rider rides a little like a boat trailer. The swivel frame takes some getting used to. My husband isn’t sure he’ll ever get used to it and I still have trouble going backwards.

All testers loved the Urban Rider’s bassinet. Suitable from birth, the bassinet sits at a height that makes it easy for you to keep tabs on Baby. The bassinet includes a removable mattress with a washable cover and additional spit up cover to save you from extra laundry. A coordinating apron snaps on to the top of the bassinet to protect Baby from the elements. The bassinet also has a removable carry handle, making it easy to transfer a sleeping baby from the stroller. The Urban Rider’s standard seat can be used once Baby is three months old. It can be installed to face you or to face the world–my Mom’s favorite stroller feature. The five point harness straps are easy to adjust and to use and come with coordinating pads. The footrest can be pulled up to a vertical position or lowered with two tabs for larger children. An additional metal footrest at the bottom of the stroller makes it easy for bigger kids to get into the stroller themselves. The standard seat has a good recline that can be engaged by pushing a button to the right of the frame and pulling down on the seat.

The Mutsy has a terrific fold and unfold. To fold, pull a button up on the left side of the stroller and push the handlebar down and the stroller collapses easily and locks itself. The Mutsy can even fold with the bassinet or the toddler seat attached. For a more compact fold, detach the seat to make the stroller smaller still. To unfold, lift the red lever on the left hand side of the stroller and push the handlebar up. The Mutsy was the only stroller tested whose fold is intuitive and felt natural. The Mutsy’s frame with wheels is very heavy, making the stroller hard to transport.

The Urban Rider’s sunshades provide good coverage, although I wish that both extended all of the way down for naptime. A Velcro-covered flap in the standard seat’s sunshade conceals a clear window to check in on Baby. The view window is the largest that I’ve seen–enabling you to actually see your child, but the Velcro can be loud if Baby is napping. Mutsy has included a large zippered storage pocket at the back of the standard seat’s sunshade for storage, perfect for small essentials and big enough to hold a sippy cup and snacks. The bassinet’s sunshade includes similar zippered pockets, as well as three (!) smaller pockets sewn into the bassinet and a deep pocket in the bassinet’s apron. The Urban Rider’s under-basket storage is too shallow, but is easily accessible. The Urban Rider has a small foot brake that is easy to use and works well and a wonderful telescoping handle that adjusts from very small to extra tall with the press of a button.

The Mutsy Urban Rider is a luxury stroller that proves that fashionable can be practical. The Urban Rider can adapt to you and your baby’s needs, taking where you need to go in style and in comfort. Take a little trip–the Urban Rider is worth getting to know.

The Details:
The Mutsy Urban Rider, $699. To find a Mutsy stroller near you, click on the “Stores” link at www.mutsy.com.

Will It Fit In My Car*?: Folded Dimensions: 41” x 24.8” x 11.8”; Stroller Weight: 25.4 lbs.
Baby Must Be: Suitable from birth. All Mutsy strollers accommodate children up to 55 lbs. (bassinet 30 lbs.).
Color Palette: Black, Active Coffee, Yellow, Blue, White, Active Black (Charcoal), Red, Lime, Ocean, Pink, and Orange.
* Information provided by manufacturer

DEALS: Barebabies.com is offering 10% off any Mutsy order when you use the code ki10offmutsy, except for the Spider which is already on promotion.

Are you ready for this? You can win a Mutsy stroller! Mutsy is sponsoring a giveaway of a Mutsy Spider stroller, a $249 recommended value.
Mutsy says:

The Spider represents a very innovative travel system with a unique appearance and an intelligent folding system. This compact and lightweight buggy is fitted with an adjustable back and side protection. Furthermore, the Spider includes an adjustable push bar, a canopy and can be fitted with a car seat.

To enter, tell us your favorite Mutsy transformation or component?


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  • I lov ethat it grows with the child, dont have to worry about child outgrowing.
    Would love to win for my son and daughter in law.
    Their expecting their first child a boy on sept 7th and they need everything.
    Thank you for such a awesome prize and giving me a chance at winning.

  • I love that the stroller can face the world or mom! My little guy hates his stroller, because he can’t see me! It would be so much easier if we had a stroller we could actually use!