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A Roundup of Summer Birthday Cupcakes for Kids

Summer is half over over (Yikes!). Celebrate with more delicious treats from Anna Sawin.

With two young boys and two summer birthdays at our house I HAVE BEEN BUSY, mostly just drooling over the choices out there in kid heaven on the web.

Just recently I was considering doing the dog and cat cupcakes I had seen on the cover of a magazine this spring, but then I turned to the glorious Internet and have you SEEN what’s out there? Click the links for directions for these babies. Yum.


Butterfly Cupcakes

We had these beauties at an early summer birthday party, and creative mom used white chocolate-covered pretzels, very pretty and oh so yummy.


Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Though even as a child this struck me as being a little redundant (cake inside a cone), they sure are cute. And they don’t melt, either.


Clown Cupcakes

If there are any kids out there who don’t think clowns are creepy. These cupcakes, however, are not creepy.


Hedgehog Cupcakes

Should you ever need them, here are instructions for making a HEDGEHOG cupcake. Someone, someday will Google that and WE WILL BE HERE with that handy information.


Flag Cupcakes

Perfect for a birthday anywhere near Memorial Day, Flag Day or July 4. Or any other date all summer long, judging from the fireworks I hear practically every night. And did you know there is a fireworks show at Misquamicut every Monday night during summer?



Shark & Beach Cupcakes

I’m so making these. Probably for MY summer birthday.


Froggy Fun Cupcakes

If only I had known about these when my oldest son, dubbed Froggy in utero, turned one. I just couldn’t visualize a frog-green cake, so I opted for the safe, white haven of piped organic cream cheese frosting with egg-free, milk-free organic carrot cake baked into a lamb-shaped cake mold. Hey, we take our food allergies seriously in our family.


Lollipop Cupcakes

These are too sweet for words. Literally. I can think of lots of little ones who would love these. And big ones, too.


Fishy Cupcakes

What kid ISN’T a fish fanatic, especially Ocean State kids?


Bug Cupcakes

LOVE these. I wish I could make these for my youngest son, but I don’t want to traumatize him. He runs from flies and bees, saying, “Scary!”

Okay, I need to figure out which ones I’m making and get cracking! Oh, how I love cakes and cupcakes. This was so much fun I think I need to make cupcake posts like this a regular event. In the meantime, I have a date with some chocolate buttercream.

Writer, mother, photographer and blogger Anna Sawin has never met a cupcake she didn’t like. She blogs at Hank & Willie.

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  • In Providence, there is a mom/baker who makes beautiful cupcakes like this to order–all in a nut-free environment. I think her email address is cupcakelady@cox.net. Her prices are very reasonable.

    I love baking but not the crafty decorating stuff. And with people like Anna Sawin raising the cupcake bar like this, some of us will be needing professional help.