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Kidoinfo.com delivers qualified, active, involved parents to your website

By matching your services and products with the needs of our audience, Kidoinfo delivers parents who are activity seeking your family-centric business or non-profit.

Since 2007, Kidoinfo.com has been the state’s most comprehensive independent parents’ website for fun and services. More than 60,000 visitors every year use Kidoinfo to plan for their children’s needs for education, things to do, day care & early learning, birthdays, vacations & summers, and healthcare.

Our comprehensive content and easy navigation allow parents to quickly find what they need. Parents look for specific products and services in our KidoGuides, which are lists of businesses and nonprofits based on areas of expertise.

They look through our extensive Calendar and 150+ Things to Do With Kids list to find fun events, activities, and destinations. They receive our weekly E-Newsletter and read our locally written Articles to quickly learn about trends and what is happening locally. And occasionally, they receive an email dedicated to one business or non-profit.

Our advertisers are way more than advertisers – they are Sponsors that keep Kidoinfo.com producing the information that parents need. Your customers will appreciate you supporting a website they use frequently.

What are on KidoGuides?

A unique set of targeted, online shopping guides, each dedicated to a different area of need for parents, so users are already looking for what you offer. If you have multiple offerings, you can affordably run more than one ad, each focused on different products and/or services that you offer – and directly reach the right audience!


150+ Things to Do With Kids
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