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After 10 years, a new chapter begins. Thank you for being a part of the Kidoinfo community.

UPDATED NOVEMBER 20, 2017: Please note that I am pleased to announce that Kidoinfo WILL CONTINUE on under new leadership before the New Year! Stay tuned for details. You may continue submitting events to the calendar, inquire about advertising, sign up for the camp guide!

I launched Kidoinfo in the spring of 2007 with a few blog posts and event listings while my boys were at Child’s Play Preschool. It was born from my need as a young mom of twins to find things to do with my kids, exchange parenting tips, and carve out a creative niche for myself. I had no idea then that Kidoinfo would become what it is today — bringing together Rhode Island families, businesses and organizations to form a welcoming and vibrant community. My life has been forever changed.

What an adventure it’s been, exploring the state and beyond with my husband and sons, meeting and working with amazing people as well as collaborating and partnering on programming and events over the years.

I am truly grateful for your company on this journey and for the lasting friendships that have formed. The path may not always have been obvious, but it was always gratifying as I grew the business while my kids navigated pre-school, then elementary, middle and now high school. Today, as they enter a new stage of their lives, it is time for me to reflect and consider what is next on the horizon.

And so I announce that my Kidoinfo adventure is coming to a close, and I plan to wind down the website and its social media on December 1, 2017. Kidoinfo_Family_RallyBut even as I head in a new direction, I would love for Kidoinfo to continue if an interested party should step forward to take over the business. Feel free to share within the parent community and contact me with inquiries or questions here: anisa <at> kidoinfo <dot> com.

Although I say goodbye to Kidoinfo, I will stay rooted to the parent community through my work as Executive Director of the Providence Children’s Film Festival, a non-profit organization that presents the best of independent and international children’s cinema. The annual Film Festival in February and year-round programming and resources aim to inspire, delight, educate, and connect a diverse community of children and families. I feel so very lucky that this venture allows me to work with many of the same great people and institutions committed to enriching the lives of Rhode Island families.

It has been an honor to be a part of this community and I am humbled by and thankful for all of the wonderful support and encouragement you have shown me over the years.

Since this is Rhode Island, I know we will run into one another again.

With all good wishes,

Anisa Raoof
Founder, Kidoinfo.com

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  • While I’m not happy to see Anisa leaving Kidoinfo, as her husband, I have to say I’m very proud of what she’s accomplished with the website. While Anisa has never been much of a geek, she’s much more of an artist/designer, she leveraged many resources over the years to build a full featured website. I’ve seen so many people (including our own family) benefit from all the information and connections in the site. I do hope that someone else takes the opportunity to continue Kidoinfo.com and keep it evolving as technology and resources change, so families will continue to connect.

  • Hi Anisa,
    I am selfishly saddened to read that you will be leaving kidoinfo. I am a parent of a 5yo and love reading your blog as well as your updates on family friendly activities. Good luck at the Providence Children’s Film Festival; you will be great!