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And Suddenly it Was Dark!

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Some of us in Providence (over 800, said the ProJo), lost our electricity last night. My husband and I were just getting the boys ready for bed. In my opinion, not a very convenient time, I was already planning my evening without kids (and electricity was definitely in the plan).

After we lit candles, found flashlights and the lights still did not come back on, we decided to make the best of it. The boys thought it was all great. We rediscovered the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling in the playroom. The stars looked amazing after shining the flashlight on them. We were transported to outerspace. After that adventure, we used a blank wall upstairs for hand shadow puppets. Funny coincidence, that earlier in the day, one of my sons had found his old video of Bear in the Big Blue House. We had been remembering all of the characters, including the girl named Shadow.

We then did some circle storytelling by flashlight. Circle storytelling is when one person starts the story, the next person continues the story, and so on, until the story takes on a life of its own. After a few rounds of funny stories, the boys were tired enough to go to bed.

I confess, my husband and I then watched the latest Netflix on our laptop – there was enough battery charge for over an hour.

Hand Shadow Tips
To create the best shadows, make these puppets in front of a blank wall. Have a helper hold the flashlight and experiment where the beam points to get the darkest shadow. Classic ideas for making hand shadow puppets, see original book available from Project Gutenberg. Ready-made from Zebra Hall.

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