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AS220 Offers Summer Silkscreen Classes for Kids and Teens!

Awesome youth art making opportunities! AS220 is expanding their course offerings to include classes for children. Printshop instructor Kara Dunne will be teaching two silkscreen classes in the Printshop in July, one for children ages 8-12 and another for teens. Students will learn the basics of screen printing and be able to print their own artwork. To learn more about the classes, AS220 Printshop Manager Lara Henderson asked Kara Dune to ask her some questions about her upcoming classes.

What can kids expect to learn in this class?
Kara: Students will learn the ins and outs of screen-printing, and how to apply the technique to what they want to make. Each student will have their own unique idea of what to print and what to print on; another reason why I love teaching screen-printing to kids and teens. First we will use “the old school” way of printing so that they can use this method at home. Students will focus mainly on the photo-sensitive process of screen-printing–the beautiful and simple process that takes place in the AS220 Printshop.  Utilizing the special facilities and materials supplied at the Printshop, the students will develop their drawings and designs onto light sensitive screens with the help of an exposure unit.  After they’ve developed their screens, they will learn the proper printing techniques of screen-printing.  And then it’s off to the races!  And printing printing printing.

What will they get to leave the class with?

Kara: They can expect to come home with a box of cool stuff, jam packed with awesome crazy colorful stationary and cards, as well as bright and bold t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, you name it.  For wearables, like t-shirts, they  have to bring in their own garments.  They can bring in a few boring old white t-shirts they’ve had forever and go home with a brand new wardrobe.  The best part is that they will be able to take what they’ve learned about screen-printing, and make their own t-shirts or cards at home.  And teach their parents, friends and siblings!

Ckara_teensilkscreenweban you give a background on your experience teaching kids and teens about silkscreen?

Kara: I started teaching silk-screen at a summer camp when I was 18. I taught there for many summers. I’ve been teaching both middle school and high school art classes now at a school south of Providence for three years.  We don’t have the kind of equipment AS220 has, but the great thing about screen-printing is that you don’t need fancy facilities to make t-shirts and simple prints, you just need patience and time.  I love teaching both age groups because they come to their art instruction with such enthusiasm and love for making things they can take home.  Both kids and teens desperately seek a way in which to express themselves, and screen-printing is an excellent way for young people to do just that.

In what ways will the two classes (children and teens) be different?

Kara: Both classes will make crazy cool t-shirts and stationary. The teen class will go a bit further and address multi-colored printing methods. They will learn how to make a fine art print that has multiple layers. This is of course for them to take home and give to their parents who may be jealous of their crazy cool t-shirts.

Why is screen-printing a great option for kids?

Kara: They love that their drawing or design can show up on a t-shirt, on a poster for their room, on a postcard they send out to their friends. There is so much artistic license that comes with screen-printing, and it’s an excellent way for kids to express themselves.

  • Screen Printing for Teens (For ages 13-18)
    Wed. & Thurs. (July 17 & 18) from 2:00-5:00pm
    Cost: $100
  • Printganza! Screen Printing for Kids (For ages 8 to 12)
    Wed. & Thurs, (July 24 & 25) from 9:00am-12:00pm
    Cost: $100To sign up for the classes, visit the shop.as220.org.


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