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Ask Kelly: Finding Family Time


I feel like we spend Saturday catching up on errands and taking our kids to their activities, and Sunday becomes event day with never-ending birthday parties. How do working moms fit in family time?

This is an age-old question. And since every family is different, the solutions vary.

Making a schedule for the week so that one errand is accomplished each day helps prevent Saturday from turning into errand day. For instance, consider making Monday your grocery-shopping day. It is the least busy day at the market, so bringing the children along is a tad easier. Tuesdays could be laundry evenings: in between play sessions and bath time, the laundry gets done. Fridays are clean-up evenings, although devoting ten minutes each day to cleaning up will reduce clutter all week.

If your weekends are getting crowded with children’s activities, think about scheduling classes during the week. Maybe you haven’t thought to ask, but many employers will gladly work with parents who need to be two hours late on a particular day of the week or must leave early one day to take a class with their child. Check out Kidoinfo for a list classes for kids and families.

Remember, it’s also okay to say “No” to your third cousin’s niece’s birthday party. If you choose to attend, turn the party into family time. Play with your children; chat with your husband. Enjoy!

Kelly LaChance-Guertin BA, CCE, CD (DONA), CLC, has been a birth and postpartum doula for the past five years. She is currently a certified birth doula through DONA (Doulas of North America) and a certified childbirth educator. As the co-owner of Bellani Maternity and the mother of two, she experiences first-hand the struggle of balancing work and family, as well as the realities of raising children. Visit to learn more about Kelly’s one-stop resource for pregnancy and parenting.

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