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Avast, me hearties!

IMG_9605Translation: What’s Up My Friends!

John Baur and Mark Summers decided over ten years ago that September 19 should be Talk Like a Pirate Day. If you have kids over two years old, however, every day is probably Talk Like a Pirate Day. Our house is full of pirates — and although they may occasionally change into Robin Hood and Little John, animals from the jungle, or superheroes, swashbuckling pirates still have a strong hold on our house. ARRR!

Related Pirate Fun:
– Learn about pirates by reading a good book.
– Check Junior Fun on the Talk Like a Pirate website.
– Dress like a pirate.
– Use bandanas or scarves for belts and headscarves.
– Wear old rings and jewelry for embellishment.
– Make an eye patch from black paper and elastic or buy one from a party store.
– Cut sword shape out of cardboard and cover with aluminum foil.
Make your own pirate ship.
– Watch a classic movie with Captain Hook and Peter Pan.

Photo taken aboard the Sea Gypsy in Orleans, MA.

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