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Baby naming trend: Naming children after seasons and seasonal words

A new survey finds Summer is the favorite baby name inspired by the seasons in 2021.  Five of the top seasonal names are also among the top 42 most popular baby girl names overall  in 2021 as the trend of naming babies after seasons continues to grow.

Names.org today released a list of the Favorite Baby Names Inspired by the Seasons in 2021 after surveying more than 6,000 people from all over the world

Here are the top 15 seasonal baby names in 2021:  

1)      Summer

2)      Autumn

3)      Winter

4)      June

5)      August

6)      Spring

7)      Snow

8)      April

9)      Blossom

10)  Fall

11)  Sunshine

12)  Daisy

13)  Aurora

14)  Bloom

15)  Rose

Five names that rank highly on this list are also predicted to be among the Most Popular Baby Names of 2021.  They are all girl’s names with Hazel ranking No. 25, Violet is No. 26, Willow is No. 29, Aurora is No. 34, and Lily is No. 42.

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