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Back to School: Savvy Shopping tips from GoLocalProv

Today Tracy Minkin from GoLocalProv shares some great tips on how to stock up on school supplies without breaking the bank.

Sure, that dad in the classic Staples back to school TV ad is skipping down the shopping aisle while his kids trudge, but that may be because he hasn’t hit check-out yet. Back to school shopping can burden any family’s budget. But with big sales hitting the streets this week, now’s just the time to organize and execute a shopping strategy that can save you some serious money. Here are 12 tips for getting the most for your back to school dollars:

1. Check before you shop. Make your list of supplies, but before you start shopping, check all your work and homework spaces for unused items that can be used this year. Then, check under sofa, chairs, and beds, between cushions, and in spare drawers for lone pencils, pens, and erasers. You’ll be amazed at what a collection you can create.

2. Work the chains. Most major chains are kicking off big back to school sales this week, and weekly store circulars are a great way to comparison shop. Recycled them already? Just go to shoplocal and leaf through weekly circulars for stores including CVS, Walgreens, Kmart, OfficeMax, Staples, and Target. You’ll have all the information you need.

3. Grab and go. Once you’ve got your sale items picked out, go grab them, but don’t fall for the full-priced items on adjacent shelves. Stick to your plan.

4. Go online. Just as during holidays, online shopping can save you time and aggravation, not to mention gasoline at high prices. Major online retailers like staples.com have whole special areas devoted to back to school, and with careful price comparisons, you can really save.

5. Think outside the box. Office supply stores may be reminding you with lots of advertising that they’re your go-to for back to school (and specific sales on certain items may be worth the trip), but you can often pick up excellent savings at thrift and dollar stores. You may want to check your local grocery store as well…

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