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Batter Blaster

By Nancy King

batter-blasterI generally like to believe that a woman can do a man’s job (unless it involves lifting something really heavy, in foul weather, or wearing a hideous uniform).

But, when it comes to Sunday mornings in our house, there’s something I can’t do: make my husband’s special-recipe, freakishly yummy pancakes. And frankly, I’m happy not to. There’s the Sunday Times to read, after all.

So all was well until I stumbled on a new product at the grocery store: the Batter Blaster. With a name like that, I had to investigate further. Turns out, it’s organic batter for making pancakes or waffles, and it comes packaged in a slender, upright can that’s a dead ringer for Reddi-Wip. Totally irresistible.

And totally easy. Just shake, point, and blast a bit of batter onto a preheated griddle, skillet, or waffle iron. And one minute later–on a Tuesday–my daughter had hot, golden pancakes to eat before heading to school. How’d they taste? “Really good,” she said, “but not better than Daddy’s.” OK, I can live with that.

It feels good to level the playing field. Now, I just have to cozy up to the grill.

Batter Blaster, available at Stop and Shop.

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  • Wow, thanks for the quick response! I’ve looked there but will scour those sections the next time I grocery shop without the kids!

  • I had a hard time finding it, too. But it is stocked in the dairy section, either with the cheese and yogurt or milk and eggs (on Branch Avenue, these two sections are very near each other).

  • I have been keeping pancake batter in a pyrex measuring cup in the fridge so we can have pancakes on weekday mornings. I am sure there is some official chef or health inspector reason not to do this, but crepe batter gets better with age, so…well, and the aging batter is good so far (day 4.)

    That being said, Batter Blaster sounds WAY MORE FUN.

  • My husband and I dread having to make it, but when we do we always make extra. I refrigerate and it is good for a few days. I actually think it taste better as a leftover.

  • How about making a double batch on the weekends, freezing them and then toasting them up during the week? Simple, economical, homemade.

  • Can you get it in Buttermilk? If they have blueberry flavor, will that clog the nozzle?

    Can they make a refillable can – seems like a waste, but only when you say it’s organic and I think I would actually buy it vs. Cheese Wiz that I wouldn’t even care about. And if they put Brie in a spay can, some people would probably want to know if that could that be refillable too?

  • I have this feeling that I ought to be opposed to this product, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist its genius.

  • Somewhere in a fraternity right now, I’m sure someone is scraping batter off the walls. And someone else is wondering, hmm, can you put this directly into your mouth like cheese wiz and whipped cream? And is cookie dough too thick to spray? Luckily our kids are still too young to cook by themselves.

  • Thanks, Katharine, and believe me, I initially shared your reluctance. But now, many blasts later, I look at it as the place where indulgence meets convenience–AND it has made my personal stock rise in my daughter’s eyes…

  • This is the kind of thing that I would ONLY buy because Nancy recommends it–how do people come up with these things? Batter Blast is lucky to have Nancy on its side.