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rhode trip: Oceanography Beach

starfishseeking2.jpgThere is a delightful little beach at the University of Rhode Island’s Oceanography School in Narragansett. This beach has three sections, with something for everyone: one section is partly rocky and attracts dogs and people toting fishing poles. The center section is broad and flat with sand that is like packable brown sugar—perfect for building castles. The tide here never gets rough and was just right for the beginning swimmers and boogie boarders in our party. The third section is covered in wide, smooth stones and is great for climbing around and finding starfish.oceanography2.jpg

This beach also offers lovely views of the Jamestown and Newport Bridges and lots of interesting boats passing by in the distance.

Parking is ample and free, and there are university buildings nearby that have bathrooms (no bathrooms right beside the beach, however). Bring your own snacks and be prepared to carry out your trash. No lifeguards.

Location: URI Bay Campus – South Ferry Road, Narragansett, RI

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