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Beat the heat

When the temperature starts rising like it did recently, we need to find ways to help our kids (and us) cool off fast while hopefully entertaining them at the same time. Make sure you always have plenty of cold water on hand for you and your child to drink.

Kid-Hose on kid o infoINDOORS:
Visit your local branch of the Public Library
Visit the Mystic Aquarium (inside part) or NE Aquarium
Visit a museum
Go to the mall (Emerald Square Mall has a carousel in the food court)
See a movie for free
Grocery shop
Hop on the bus (though not all are air conditioned) – free on ozone alert days
Explore the indoor play areas at McDonald’s or Burger King (you do not have to buy anything to use the play equipment)
Take a cool bath

Play with spray bottles filled with water
Make water balloons
Eat popsicles
Set up the sprinkler/kiddie pool in a shady spot in the backyard
Head to a local water park (Open July-August)
Visit a shady park like the Baby Park, Lincoln Woods, or Colt State Park
Take a walk after dinner to your local ice cream shop

Tell us your ways for staying cool and having fun when it heats up outside!

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  • Sorry about the misinformation – you are right it is not free if you are not a YMCA member. If you are a member of any YMCA in Rhode Island though you can use the outdoor pool for free. If you are in Providence check the link for local water parks above.

  • Brainstormer – What do you mean the “YMCA in Barrington has a free outdoor swimming pool”? I called about this and was told one needs a membership.

  • it’s nice and cool at Self Defense Training Center in East Providence.

    get copious bags of ice (free) for your groceries at any Wholefoods, then play with the ice in the sink, tub, or on your front steps.

    YMCA in Barrington has a free outdoor swimming pool (open to the public after noon.)

    go to a beach–it’s always comfortable at 2nd beach in Middletown. too bad about having to drive there.

    go to a rich friend’s house for chilly AC & possibly also a swimming pool, possibly also icy drinks served by a butler or obsequious spouse.

    put filled water balloons in fridge for a few hours before the battle.