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Beautiful Belly: Get Bella Band and Get More from Your Wardrobe

By Maura Keating
Everyday-Bellaband-2I have to laugh whenever anyone tells me how far maternity fashion has come. It is true that there are more options and that more of those options are affordable (thank you, Target and Old Navy), but really, when you are pregnant, you are at the mercy of the whims of the fashion industry at that moment in time. Since I was pregnant in the summer last time, I had no idea it would be so hard to find a flattering sweater. Then, there are the pants and the skirts . . . eek! The sight of those hideous wide elastic waistbands gives me the creeps. The low-rise styles that are so popular do not sit well, and forget it if I try to bend over! And can anyone tell me why maternity skirts have to come in such ugly patterns?

Enter a miracle–Ingrid and Isabel have created a simple circle of fabric that will change your life and expand your wardrobe. The Bella Band is made from a spandex/nylon blend that keeps you covered from the first appearance of the bump through post-pregnancy until your favorite pants fit just right again. The Bella Band is designed to enable you to wear your favorite pre-pregnancy pants and skirts unbuttoned, and the band keeps them from slipping or bunching. I find that the Bella Band works especially well with my skirts and it even works with pants that have elastic and drawstring tops. If you’re lucky enough to find cute pregnancy pants but your bump isn’t big enough, the Bella Band will keep your pants up. Best of all, the Bella Band keeps you covered when you are wearing low-rise styles because no one wants to see plumber butt. After Baby arrives, I’ll be keeping my Bella Band until my pants button up again without assistance. The Bella Band also gives nursing Moms some coverage on the bottom when their tops are pulled up.

The Bella Band looks like another layer of clothing (an extra T-shirt or tank top). It comes in a variety of solid colors, from basic white and black to other popular neutral colors like green or brown. The “Everyday Lace” collection features a trim of delicate lace at the bottom of the band.

The Bella Band is seamless in the main body so that it will not show when it is pulled up over your belly, even under belly hugging tops. The bottom of the Band is double-sewn for extra grip and to prevent the Band (or anything else) from riding up. The Bella Band is designed to be worn pulled up or folded over. I tend to wear the Bella Band both ways depending on the type of clothing. I wear it pulled over my belly for skirts, but folded over to hide buttons on open pants. I wear the Bella Band every day and it has not shown any wear, looking as new as it did on day one. Care is easy–machine wash warm on the gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

The Bella Band is essential for any pregnancy and makes a perfect gift for any mother to be. I really am not sure what I would wear without it. It will save you from spending too much money on maternity fashions that you will never wear (or want to wear) again. For the investment, consider getting two for a larger range of colors and so that you’ll always have one when the other is in the wash. Now if only someone could do something about those lumpy sweaters . . .

The Details:
Bella Band, starting at $24.
Available online at Bella Band.
Find a Bella Band near you, visit the Ingrid & Isabel “Stores” link at www.ingridandisabel.com

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