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Being Green

Path in the WoodsLast year I wrote, It’s Easy Being Green, a list of things to learn and do in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. My favorite is taking your kids to the park in search of leprechauns.
 Leprechauns Never Lie
Read a good book with your children first, like Leprechauns Never Lie by Lorna and Lecia Balian; then find a park near you and take a hike in search of these mischievous characters. If it’s a nice day and you don’t find any, you and your kids may still enjoy the walk looking for early signs of spring. Check our events calendar for local parades and other happenings.

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  • that hike is such a good idea! i never know what to do for st. p-day and find myself married into a big irish family with very irish-ish named children. so we really should do this. thank you for the idea.