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Birds by Bill Shattuck & Ben Shattuck

5 traverse gallery on kid o info5 Traverse Gallery presents a lovely family-friendly show of forty one bird paintings and drawings by father, Bill Shattuck, and son, Ben Shattuck. This tiny gallery located right off Wickenden Street (near Utrecht Art Supply store) is the perfect size and place to explore art with children. Make it a fun and educational outing for you and your kids—learn the names of the birds and see how a charcoal drawing of a Hooded Merganser can be very different from an oil on panel version by another artist.

Nearby snack joints located on Wickenden Street: Coffee Exchange and Blue Elephant.

The show runs until June 14, 2008.  
5 Traverse – 5 Traverse Street, Providence, RI 02906
Phone: 401-225-8784
Hours: 12pm – 5pm, Wednesday through Saturday.

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