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Birthday Themes

birthday: [noun]
1. an anniversary of the day on which a person was born (or the celebration of it).

Birthday Stage-1From a small, cozy celebration to an all-out party extravaganza, there are many ways to make this day special for the birthday kid. If you want a theme, choose something that’s special to your child – a toy, sport, movie, music, etc. Use it just for the cake or to shape the entire party.

In our house, birthday celebrations are centered around a theme (it’s the designer in me – can’t help it), whether we have a large party or a small family celebration. We picked the kids’ themes for the first three years of their life (1st – Fish, 2nd – Monkeys, 3rd – Jungle Animals). But when it came time to plan the 4th, my son D said he had it all figured out. Because he and his brother love to put on shows, it became a costume party complete with show curtains. For their 5th Birthday, the boys still loved costumes, but expanded the theme to their current obsession – Come as your Favorite Superhero.

Before having kids, I used to sell my metal home accessories at trade shows. Lucky for us (and a little crazy), we could produce a stage in our dining room just by carrying up my old trade show booth walls from the basement. Unless you have an old trade show booth laying around your house, hanging up some curtains temporarily in a doorway to create a stage area will work fine.

The boys got so into party themes and of course the cake that they suggested themes to celebrate my husband and my birthday last year. My husband has a winter birthday so last year the theme of surfing and sushi was a great way to lift the winter blahs. The boys dressed in their swim trunks and played surfing music during our sushi supper. My birthday theme was simple – chocolate and flowers.

Birthday number six is around the corner. My boys have big plans, I’m thinking simple…

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  • we just went to a great “water” theme birthday party: guests wore swimsuits & brought towels… there were kiddie pools, sprinklers going, squirt guns & tubs of water for refilling them (which the kids could do themselves.) the kids were so happy and busy that the parents stayed and ate excellent cheeses on the patio.

    obviously this was on a hot day! it was a really fun theme.