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Birthmother’s Day Celebrated the day before Mother’s Day

pregtummyBirthmother’s Day, started in 1990, is a time to honor mothers who gave birth and placed their children for adoption. Birthmothers who acknowledge the holiday do so the day before Mother’s Day.

In 2003, Coley Strickland and another birthmother founded Birthmombuds.com. It’s a site where birthmothers can support each other and find a variety of resources. Over the years, the site and membership have grown. Birthmombuds now hosts a yearly retreat the weekend before Mother’s Day. Strickland describes the retreat as a place for journaling, dealing with grief, making a craft, listening to speakers, and having a candlelight ceremony. This year’s retreat will be in Charlotte, N.C. If you know a birthmother, Strickland suggests acknowledging Birthmother’s Day with flowers, a card, or a handmade gift. If you are interested in learning more, check out birthmombuds.com.

Marcia Maynard is a former teacher and reading specialist. She blogs about preschool activities at www.readandraise.com.

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