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[ 5 ] January 25, 2008 |

Dylan-BlueElephantcrayon art

Crayons, comics, and chocolate chip star pancakes for the boys. The 1621 (turkey) sandwich and juice for my husband, and a spicy apple and brie omelet and hot coffee for me. The boys were in a good mood and full of animated conversation. Lovely.

Blue Elephant
312 Wickenden Street, Providence, RI 02906
phone: (401) 383-8149
Open: Daily from 7am — 9:30pm (Closes at 3pm Monday & Tuesday)
Dinner served Wednesday – Sunday from 5pm—9:30pm 
Special children’s menu
Items on the breakfast menu are served all day long
Lunch items are served daily starting at 11am
Dinner: Nightly specials in addition to the standard menu items like burritos and sandwiches. You can BYOB since they do not have a liquor license — makes for an affordable date night out.

Note: They have a small lending library (mostly for adults) from Symposium Books. Maybe people will start dropping off some children’s books and expand the collection to appeal to the younger set.

Read Fine(ish) Dining with your kids for other restaurant recommendations.

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  1. calendar Katharine says:

    I believe I will try this out TODAY with my four year old and his five year old companion. This sounds perfect!

  2. KathyS says:

    This place sounds terrific. I’m always looking for new places to dine out. Friendly’s is getting old–although, still the kids fave. Hope to see more suggestions!

  3. calendar Tina says:

    We used to like Brickway on Wickenden. Is that still open? Blue Elephant may be giving them a run for their money.

  4. KathyS says:

    We went on Saturday for breakfast, and we loved it!! My son swallowed his very fluffy and delicious pancakes. My daughter loved the jewelry hanging on the walls and my very picky husband loved his made-to-order omelet. Very good! Great recommendation ~ Thank you!

  5. KimB says:

    Tina, I believe the owner of the Blue Elephant used to work at the Brickway, and I know the Chef was chef at the Brickway, back when it was good. Yes, the Blue Elephant is giving the Brickway a run for their money. You should stop in. The food is great, and there is a wonderful art gallery in one of the dining rooms. I’ve eaten there half a dozen times (I’m not local or I’d eat there every week), and everything I’ve had was wonderful.

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